Delivery & Return Policy

Delivery & Return Policy


Turkana Food is committed to providing each and every one of our customers the best possible service and the best possible price. Keeping with that commitment, it is important that our customers have a clear understanding of how delivery and credit claim steps are performed by Turkana Food Inc.

Listed below are the procedures that must be followed. Failure to do so could result in a refusal by Turkana Food of any claims submitted for shortages, damages or other delivery exceptions.

Delivery instructions:

1.       Turkana Food Inc provides door to door service to most of its customers. Due to any shipment will be unloaded by Turkana Food Inc driver or helper at dedicated loading area of the customer only. The driver is not allowed to arrange further delivery inside the stores, as it is not permissible with current insurance policy of the company.

2.       Customer should arrange goods receipt immediately or no more than 20 minutes from the time the driver came.

3.       Responsible person from customer side must be present while accepting the goods shipped.

4.       Customer’s responsible person must check together with Turkana Food Inc driver, the goods delivered and verify the total cases on the Bill of Lading (BOL) / invoice.

5.       This verification process must be done in presence of the driver.

6.       Once, above stated steps are done, representative person must check “Counted Quantity” box at the bottom of the invoice and provide his/ her First and Last Name accompanied with signature or Goods Receipt corporate stamp with detailed information.

7.       if it is not possible to check goods received on the delivery, customer must put a check mark to SUBJECT TO COUNT at the bottom of invoice accompanying his/ her Fist and Last Names or corporate Goods Receipt stamp. This is subject to chain stores only.

8.       If the contents on the BOL/Invoice match the contents stated on the BOL/Invoice there are no exceptions, the customer must sign the BOL/Invoice.

9.       The driver must also sign the document.

       Turkana Food drivers are not allowed to except any cash. Only corporate checks are acceptable, and it should be noted on both copies on the BOL/Invoice.  (Check #, date, amount)

Returns, Damaged Items, Shortages, Wrong Items:

From the current shipment and discovered while checking with the driver.

1.       If it is discovered at the time of the check in process that an item is missing, it must be verified with the driver and noted on the BOL/Invoice.

2.       All damaged product is to be refused. The customer should not accept any damaged product. If an item is found to be damaged or not in salable condition, the customer must note the damage on the BOL/Invoice and must be confirmed by driver.

3.       If an item is found to be incorrect, it does not match the item ordered or invoice description, it must be noted on the BOL/Invoice. All incorrect items are to be refused.

4.       If for any reason a delivery driver refuses to allow the customer to check the product it will be the responsibility of the customer to contact their salesperson immediately. The salesperson will contact the office and have them to contact the driver to find out why he is refusing to allow the customer to verify the order. We will make sure to that the driver stays and assist the customer with the check in process.

Return or credit related instructions from previous deliveries to the driver.

Any returns from previous deliveries must be through following instructions accompanied with Return Invoice written by salesman only. Any returns which do not fit in this instructions scale will not be granted with credit towards customer balance.

1.       With any reason the customer wants to return any case or credit related issues like missing items, broken items, mismatch with invoice description, price difference, etc. must be notified the salesperson within 5 business days after the delivery.

2.       The product must be kept in the original box and unmarked (do not write “Return” on the box), any dairy or frozen items must be kept under proper temperature until the product is picked up.

3.       Shipped damaged, expired, or spoiled products credit must be claimed within 5 business days after the shipment accompanying with inventory clear picture with lot number.

4.       Once salesman submits Return Invoice to the office, inventory return will be arranged on the next delivery.

5.       Turkana Food is not responsible for any merchandise sent back from customer shelves, opened and damaged cases in the store and expired items. Credit will not be granted for any piece credits, or any other product which has not been notified within 5 days after delivery to the salesperson with clear picture in written from. 

6.       If the merchandise has a quality issue even though expiration date is not due yet, for any reason there is a problem with the product quality such as expiration date is good, must be notified the salesperson, provide the proof (pictures) and wait for the salesperson response before the product is disposed.

7.       Credit processing period after receiving the goods is 10 days since products have been returned. Credit invoice will be mailed to the email at which has been provided and recorded on customer account data, if there is no such email, then final invoice will be mailed to “Bill to” address of the customer.