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Eti Adicto Browni Intense Bag 144Gx12

  • Brand : ETI
  • Sub Category: :
  • Weight : 144GR
  • Units : 12
  • Case Barcode : 10809747006828
  • Piece Barcode : 809747006821
  • Properties (Halal/Kosher/Vegan) : N
  • Country Of Origin : Turkey
  • Details : Indulge in the rich and intense flavor of Adicto Browni Intense Bag. Each pack contains 12 bags of intensely chocolatey brownies, with each bag weighing 144g. These brownies are crafted to perfection, offering a dense and fudgy texture with a deep cocoa flavor. Perfect for satisfying your chocolate cravings, whether enjoyed as a snack on the go, a sweet treat after meals, or a decadent dessert option. Treat yourself to the irresistible taste of Adicto Browni Intense Bag for a truly indulgent experience.
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