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Halabi No Salt Mix Cans 400GX12

  • Brand : HALABI
  • Sub Category: :
  • Weight : 400GR
  • Units : 12
  • Case Barcode : 5283005903537
  • Piece Barcode : 52830059003506
  • Properties (Halal/Kosher/Vegan) :
  • Country Of Origin : Lebanon
  • Details : ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: When nature gives you plenty, no additions are needed! Halabi snacks contains only 100% traditionally baked and simple ingredients. No GMOs, Gluten-free, and Vegan friendly.
    TRADITIONALLY ROASTED: Halabi nuts and seeds snacks are crafted through traditional kettle roasting method to lock in all the whole nut goodness and create a unique taste and crunchiness.
    PREMIUM QUALITY BRAND: Believe it or NUT, roasting nuts the authentic way is Halabi’s quality seal. Top selected nuts are also handpicked from certified sources around the world.
    30% LONGER-LASTING FRESHNESS: Using natural antioxidants give our snacks a prolonged freshness after opening the pack, so you can tell more stories while enjoying authentic crunches.
    INCREASE YOUR FIBRE, PROTEIN, AND VITAMIN E INTAKE: Nuts and seeds are a great source of essential nutrients, containing high amounts of fiber and protein delivering healthy goodness while snacking!
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