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Eti Pop Cake Banana 45Gx24

  • Brand : ETI
  • Sub Category: :
  • Weight : 45G
  • Units : 24
  • Case Barcode : 8097477733864
  • Piece Barcode : 809747013867
  • Properties (Halal/Kosher/Vegan) : N
  • Country Of Origin : Turkey
  • Details : Savor the delightful flavor of Pop Cake Banana with our special promotional offer. Each bundle includes 24 individually wrapped Pop Cake Banana treats, with each treat weighing 45g. These snacks feature a soft and moist banana-flavored cake, providing a delicious and fruity indulgence for banana enthusiasts. Whether enjoyed as a snack on the go, a sweet treat during breaks, or a delightful addition to parties and gatherings, Pop Cake Banana is sure to satisfy your cravings. Don’t miss out on this exclusive promotion to stock up on this irresistible snack at a fantastic value.
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