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Halabi Sunflower Seed 250GX12

  • Brand : HALABI
  • Sub Category: :
  • Weight : 250GR
  • Units : 12
  • Case Barcode : 5283005902318
  • Piece Barcode : 5283005902066
  • Properties (Halal/Kosher/Vegan) :
  • Country Of Origin : Lebanon
  • Details : Since 1961, Halabi puts his passion and expertise at the core of one promise: to offer superior authentic roasted nuts. This quest for authenticity became deeply rooted over time, and is behind Halabi adopting today the best technologies and most natural means to preserve the unique taste of his products, serving Halabi nuts as fresh and tasty as the first day.ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: When nature gives you plenty, no additions are needed! Halabi snacks contains only 100% traditionally baked and simple ingredients. No GMOs, Gluten-free, and Vegan friendly.
    TRADITIONALLY ROASTED: Halabi nuts and seeds snacks are crafted through traditional kettle roasting method to lock in all the whole nut goodness and create a unique taste and crunchiness.
    PREMIUM QUALITY BRAND: Believe it or NUT, roasting nuts the authentic way is Halabi’s quality seal. Top selected nuts are also handpicked from certified sources around the world.
    30% LONGER-LASTING FRESHNESS: Using natural antioxidants give our snacks a prolonged freshness after opening the pack, so you can tell more stories while enjoying authentic crunches.
    INCREASE YOUR FIBRE, PROTEIN, AND VITAMIN E INTAKE: Nuts and seeds are a great source of essential nutrients, containing high amounts of fiber and protein delivering healthy goodness while snacking!
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